This was another interesting challenge.  Centerline Digital needed to create the video backdrop for IBM CEO Ginni Rometty's hour-long keynote speech at CES 2019.  It was a blank slate, but a HUGE, WIDE, and CURVED blank slate.  3 large curved LED panels formed this massive backdrop, and I was asked to help figure out how they could make it happen, and what it should look like.  So I devised a layout system, determined what types of images and footage would work across such a huge stage, and then how we could transition between images and sections.  Knowing the client would be making changes up until the last possible moment, I created an After Effects template that the animators and editors could quickly and easily swap source material with minimal effort.  Additionally, I storyboarded each of the 20 sections with brand-appropriate imagery to get client buy-in on the approach.
My roles: Concept Development, Template Creation

Agency: Centerline Digital
Creative Director: John Kaplan
Account Director: Erin Craft


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